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Workshop and Guest Speaker Series:
How to be a female in business and get funding

How can we prepare, train and advise women, especially those formerly incarcerated, to enter the workplace, or to start their own businesses,  in the #MeToo era? The last year has been a watershed moment for women as they rise up against discrimination and unequal pay in the job sector. There are opportunities now for women of all backgrounds to take advantage of the paradigm shift and its critical that women leaving incarceration know where they can get assistance that raises their social and financial capital. It’s a new landscape and this course educates the women on new channels of professional growth and how they can develop a self-positive work method to go out and seek success.


Spring 2019

Professional Development with Christie’s

Sponsored by Christie’s Auction House. Coursework and speakers discuss their organization,  leadership positions in art, how to get there, and how to interview for every role. Instruction will focus on building self-esteem and teaching participants how to first work collaboratively before they can lead teams. Customer Service and problem solving exercises accompany each class.


Summer 2019

Art Handling In Practice

The objective of this class is to develop an interest and awareness of real-world art handling skills as well as inform about work opportunities in this field. The 20-25 participant program consists of 8 weekly 2-hour classes, with 1.5 hours of instruction and ½ hour of q&a and technique demonstration. Each weekly unit will cover major topics in the professional art handling field with a focus on learning employable skills applicable to many job situations. Master handlers in the week’s area of focus will co-instruct to ensure proper understanding and care of tools and artwork.


Fall 2019