Our Mission

Reframe nurtures business tenacity for systems impacted women to establish careers in art and creative industries and eliminate recidivism.

We create educational and work-related opportunities for women in reentry and who have been impacted by incarceration. We instill hope and create pathways which includes employment support, entrepreneurship, and leadership building.

Reframe is a pending 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are fully tax deductible.


Creating Opportunities

“Many women deeply know their value is pegged to a force outside themselves, eroding their agency. Reframe is direct access to art career, entrepreneurship and self concept training. It is a pathway to financial and social capital that they should have always had.”

— Lydia Kutko, Founder and CEO

Our Story

In 2016, I walked onto Rikers Island to teach a group of men about job opportunities in the fine art world. I called the course REFRAME because I wanted to change the art business to an ecosystem of diversity and inclusion.

When asked to take the curriculum to the women, I as a woman and female founder immediately realized REFRAME needed to be more than exposure to jobs — it needed to be a career and entrepreneurship gateway, access to the power that comes with financial freedom.

Women’s work across the board is devalued, and women coming out of incarceration are a testament that often a first opportunity never actually existed. There is no better place to incubate a change in our compensation and advancement practices in the workplace than with these gifted women.

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Timelist Group

The Timelist Group serves a growing segment of our community - prisoners reentering society - in need of inaccessible services. They aim is to empower both our youth and adult members of the community and their families with educational tools, resources, positive influences, skills development and leadership training in order to keep them on a path that will guide them to success, steering clear of the path that leads to prison. 


Remy Ma Foundation

The Remy Ma Foundation provides opportunities and resources that are life-long and enhance the lives of women who have experienced incarceration.  They provide services to women post-incarceration like healthcare, drug and alcohol counseling and employment aid.